“We want to stop that circle of destruction and start a cycle of regeneration.”

–  Robert & Melina Anderson,  Shining Light Farm and Homestead

Welcome to Shining Light Farm and Homestead!

We’re a regenerative farm located in Sumpter Township, Michigan. 

As regenerative farmers, we strive to raise our animals in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way.  In the pursuit of good stewardship, we work alongside our animals to reinvigorate the land and raise them in an environment of love and care, which we believe will produce the best quality food for our family and yours!

Pasture Raised Beef

Our grass fed cattle are rotated onto fresh pasture daily, making some of the most delicious, nutrient dense meat.

Fresh Rabbit

“It tastes like chicken!” is not just a saying! Our fresh rabbit is delicious and perfect slow cooked, grilled or smoked!

Pastured Pork

Nothing beats the taste of fresh pork raised on pasture and supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies.

Maple Syrup

Our pure maple syrup comes straight from the trees we tap around our property!

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Are you looking for even more farm fresh products?

Do you know that we’ve partnered with two other local farms, so that we can offer a wider variety of farm fresh products in one location?

It’s called Healthy Roots Local Market and you can learn more by clicking the button below!

We are Environmentally Verified

by the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program

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